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2 07 2009

Natural Beauty

UPDATE: We’re sorry, but Rick Sammon decided to pull out of the tour so we have had to cancel the MYF tour.

Isn’t it time to stop putting it off? Why not learn to master your flash?

Veteran photographers from around the country join Scott Bourne on the Master Your Flash Tour. Your instructors will show you quick, simple, effective ways to use flash to make portraits that sell. And if you’re not into portraiture, you can still learn from the Master Your Flash tour. Everything the pros teach on this tour is applicable to any photo situation that requires flash.

We’ll talk gear – but then we’ll show you how to set it up and use it. We’ll even let you shoot our professional models. You’ll walk out of this workshop knowing that you can use one or two flashes to make incredible and repeatable results.

We’ll show you how to add and subtract light, bounce light, modify light, change light and love light in just one day.

Visit our Registration Page today. We’re offering an extremely limited number of seats on this tour to assure that everyone has a good experience.