Tour FAQ


1. What is the Master Your Flash Tour & How Much Does It Cost?

MYF is a 10-city tour launching in spring of 2010 taught by veteran photographer Scott Bourne and other experienced pros who will help out depending on location. Each city will offer at least two different instructors. The one-day workshop will help photographers learn how to master their flash. The cost for each ticket is $100, but there is a $10 discount for all signups before February 1, 2010.

2. Who is this tour for?

MYF is for serious photographers who’ve gone past the “What’s an aperture?” and What’s an F-Stop?” questions. You need to know how to operate your camera if you want to get the most out of this tour. But you need NO flash experience. You must be at least 18 years of age to attend a MYF event.

3. What are the dates and locations?

See this page…

4. Why can’t you come to my town?

The tour dates are set in stone and there’s only so many places an old man like Scott can be at once. There are however roads, airports, bus lines, train stations and in some cases, even seaports leading into every city where the tour occurs so you can get to the workshop if you really want to improve your flash photography.

5. What time does the workshop run?

9:30 am to 5:30 PM

6. What’s provided?

The MYF tour will provide tons of fun, inspiration, information, wisdom and knowledge. MYF also provides snacks, water and soda. You provide sack lunch, your own transit, gear and parking. There will be prize drawings.

7. What gear do I need to bring to MYF?

You don’t need to bring any gear to the workshop to learn, but if you want to actually shoot with us, you’ll need: A camera body, a wide to telephoto lens, some CF cards, charged camera batteries, and a flash trigger or sync cord if you have it. NOTE: We can’t guarantee every photographer will get to shoot, but we know that you won’t get to shoot if you don’t bring your camera!

8. Can I record your lecture?

Nope sorry – but you can access our notes and online workbook free of charge as a paid attendee. We’ll be offering a professionally-produced DVD of the course for sale at a later date and attendees will be able to purchase this product at an extreme discount.

9. Can I hang out with the pros after the workshop?

If the guys have the steam they may let you take them out for dinner, but since the tour has an aggressive schedule, they probably have to get right back on the road to head to the next city.

10. Can I bring a guest to the workshop?

Absolutely but every person in attendance must have a paid ticket.

11. Are there group discounts available?

At this point the only discount available is 5% off for SmugMug members who purchase their ticket(s) at least 90 days in advance.

12. What’s your refund policy?

There are absolutely no refunds on workshop registrations. Please keep this in mind when you purchase your seat. The tour has a limited number of seats available. If you buy a ticket and someone else gets told no, it’s full, then there’s no way for the tour to recover that money once the date is sold. If you cannot attend, you may try to sell your ticket to someone else.

13. If the workshop I want to attend is sold out, can I get on a waiting list?

Yes, just email your full contact info to

14. I can’t afford to buy a ticket to the tour, can I get a free ticket because I am a nice person, needy, starving and my cat just died.

Sorry no free tickets.

15. If I have questions not answered here where should I send them?

Please email any and all questions to


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