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Copyright Scott Bourne 2007 - All Rights Reserved

Copyright Scott Bourne 2007 - All Rights Reserved

Two Lights – Too Many Ideas & Too Much Fun For One Page of Text!

If you’re tired of being afraid of your camera flash, you’re in the right place. The Master Your Flash tour is all about learning how to get the most out of your speedlights. The techniques you learn at the MYF workshop will help you make better portraits. You’ll learn concepts and techniques that will translate to any situation that requires flash. You’ll also learn how to make portraits that sell.

Scott Bourne learned how to use flash in the old days – when it required lots of math. With the advent of TTL flash and new tools, it’s easier than ever to make flash photos that sell. In other words, Scott can help you learn and learn quickly.

Scott will be joined by a rotating set of experienced professional photographers who will show you how to use flash in everyday situations. If you know how to use your camera, they can teach you how to use your flash.

Who Should Attend:

Serious photographers who already understand exposure and basic camera operation and who want help learning how to use flash


The format of each Master Your Flash workshop will be simple. The workshop will run from 9:30AM until 5:30 pm. (Bring a sack lunch. Water and soda will be available along with other snacks.) The day will start with two short slide shows, gear demonstrations, lecture and live shooting using both Canon and Nikon flash units. The sessions will take place in a variety of one and two light situations and show you exactly how to do it yourself.

After we shoot, we’ll show you how to post-process and share your great images.

What We’ll Cover:

Master Your Flash

Introductions – Short Slide Show

*Lighting Basics
*What Works & What Doesn’t


*Canon/Nikon Flash Basics
*Light Modifiers
*Post Processing
*Sharing Tools

The idea here is to build from basic to beautiful

One flash
One flash off camera – hand held
One flash bounced

One flash w/reflector
One flash w/diffuser
Reflectors and diffusers on stands

One flash in a soft box
One flash in a soft box; add reflector

Repeat with two flashes

Special Shooting Tethered Demonstration
You’ll learn how to connect your camera to your computer for tethered shooting

Demo will illustrate:
* Lighting angles
* How different size soft boxes affect a subject
* How reflectors and diffusers can be used to enhance a flash
* How light source distance affects quality of light
* How accessories like gels and snoots can be used to target light
* Model position and poses
* Seeing shadows and highlights
* Importance of even basic make-up
* Connecting with the subject
* The importance of background

After capture

How to sort & select images
How to process images for sale
How to share images onlime



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